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Monika Chiang Is Having Another Sample Sale—Is This the End?

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The purse table at the sale from just a few weeks ago
The purse table at the sale from just a few weeks ago

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Two sample sales within a month of each other may be great for a brand's fans, but it typically spells trouble for the brand itself. To that end, 260 Sample Sale announced today that they're hosting another sale for Monika Chiang, this one starting next Monday, March 24.

Like last time, prices top out at $100 with leather jackets, which were snatched up quickly by early shoppers. Shoes range from $40 to $75, dresses are $50, and tanks and tees are just $10.

The volume of merchandise available at rock-bottom prices, combined with some other observations, set off a rumor mill that the Christopher Burch-backed label is kaput. Says The Shophound: "Her stores have closed, and there is no product on her website newer than Fall 2013, so if her business isn't shutting down, it is doing an awfully good imitation of one that is."
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Monika Chiang Sample Sale

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