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A Facial Serum That Actually Seems to Work

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Today's pick comes from Racked Dallas editor Anna Caplan.

ESPA's Optimal Skin ProSerum, $85

I've been looking for clarity ever since I was a teenager. (I'm talking the skin kind.) And after two kids, my face and hormones are well-acquainted—a partnership that has resulted in hyper-pigmentation, dullness, partial oiliness, the list goes on. You name it, my face has, yes, faced it.

Recently, the evening after one of the best facials ever at ESPA at Dallas's Joule Hotel, I started using the spa's made-in-England Optimal Skin ProSerum ($85). After giving many serums a chance in the past, let's just say I had low expectations. Fast forward just a week later, and I was sold.

Made of luscious extracts like turmeric and white lupin, this gorgeously infused product absorbs almost instantly into your skin, yet you don't have to use that much (three or four drops) to see quick results. Already, my skin looks healthier (no blush for me!) and less dry. Oh, Optimal Skin ProSerum, where have you been all my life?
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