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Day Two of the Surface to Air Sample Sale: Here's What's Left

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We stopped by the Surface to Air sample sale this morning to see what damage was already done by yesterday's shoppers. We were pleasantly surprised to find a lot of clothing and accessories left, with a lot of shoes still available. It's only day two, so prices haven't dropped yet—that'll most likely be over the weekend—but there's still a great deal of classic pieces to choose from. After the jump, check out the rundown of what's still in abundance and what's moving quickly.

Update: Merchandise is now up to an additional 30% off.

The sale will not be restocked, so all of the sale merch has been out on display since it opened. Ladies still looking to score trenches, blazers, or tees are still in luck, since these racks are still flourishing. As usual, the leather jackets have been largely scooped up, with just a handful left, and the majority are made up of the Susan Mosshart x Surface to Air Allison leather jacket for $280.

Other super popular pieces yesterday included the $90 Trust jacket, the $50 Aaron Young x Surface to Air blouse, and the $80 black slit blouse. There are only a few left of each of these styles, so if you're interested in one of them, head to the sale asap.

The shoe selection is still plentiful, but a lot has already been scooped up. There is just one pair of Blank Boots left (size 40), a single pair of the Classic Buckle Sandals in a size 35, the black Serra Cowboy in a 35, and the tan Serra Cowboy in a 40. Styles in sizes 40 and 41 include the Moks Derby, the Bat Luna Derby, the Pandora, and the Deedra.

There's an ample amount of both women's and men's denim, however we were advised that these displays have diminished significantly since yesterday. The accessories table is also still well-stocked, however it's clear that damage has been done on the smaller bags, we saw just one left. Anyone looking for a larger bag or tie is still in luck.

Men interested in shoes should know that there are just three left of the $50 canvas sneakers, and a shrinking display of $90 leather shoes. There are a lot of jackets, coats, and blazers left, but anyone interested in the totally sick camo Proges coat should be advised that there is only one left in a large.

Although there is no dressing room, both male and female shoppers were getting down to their skivvies right on the sales floor, so if you're not bashful, feel free to try on. The sale runs through Sunday, so we'd expect markdowns to happen sometime around Friday. To get a visual of what's left, see the gallery. The dealfeed has all the major details.
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