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Shoes Are $60, Dresses Are $90 at the L.K.Bennett Sample Sale

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L.K.Bennett's first-ever sample sale is oh now inside the brand's showroom at 595 Madison Avenue. Shoppers can expect to find shoes, bags, and accessories in a variety of sizes for up to 70% off retail prices. The sale is divided into two sections—the first room houses all the clothes, while the second and third rooms have all the shoes, bags, and belts.

We were particularly impressed by the shoes, which are organized by size (UK 35 through 42)—some of the styles reminded us of Jimmy Choo and Hugo Boss. Leather shoes made in Italy and Spain start at $60 for flats, $95 for heels, $105 for booties, and $150 for tall boots.

Fans of the brand may be interested to know that there are a lot of classic heels from the Signature Collection. We spotted shoes in a variety of colors, including the Sybila and the Florete in nude and black.

Some favorites include these leopard-print Marie Suede pumps for $105 (originally $395), and these Serena Silk floral sandals.

There aren't too many flats, but there are a couple pairs of these Sukima ballerina flats in brown and purple. In the boots department, we saw this Toni Nubuck knee-high in several sizes, and the sold out Mabel ankle boots for $105.

Prices for the Black Ribbon collection shoes run a bit higher, although we didn't see too many of them in the showroom. These shoes are crafted in the same facilities that manufacture the world's most high-end shoe brands. These prices start at $120 for pumps, $160 for ankle boots, and $250 for tall boots.

On the ready-to-wear racks, the clothes are organized by size, though we use the term "organized" loosely here—when we were there yesterday, most of the clothes were piled on the floor or in boxes containing damaged items. We found a variety of day dresses, jackets, blazers, skirts, and pants for $90; evening gowns for $135; and cashmere knits for $90.

Black Ribbon collection ready-to-wear starts at $90 for knits, $105 for skirts, $135 for blouses, $175 for trousers, $185 for dresses and jackets, and $250 for coats. All leather pieces are $300.

Th bulk of the selection is dresses. To name a few, there's this glitter dress, this jazzy sequin dress and a few of this Torino Jacquard dress. We also found this nice black and white Paolina Ponti and silk mix dress, this Eldora silk printed dress, and this Accalia Jacquard print dress.

As for skirts, there's this Lichen Jacquard skirt in several sizes, and this Aminta Jacquart snake-print skirt, as well as pencil skirts fitted for the work place, like the Julie Tweed skirt. There are also a lot of jackets on the racks, including the Melba contrast fitted jacket.

There's also a bunch of boxes in the middle of the rooms filled with damaged clothes and samples. If you have the time, you can rummage through and find pretty decent things—just be sure to inspect your finds before purchasing. There's also a box filled with damaged shoes, some of which were extremely damaged—think ripped-off heels—and might not be worth the cost of repair. Damaged items are an additional 20% off the listed sample sale price. There's also a box with 'Sandy Relief' t-shirts here for $10.

The handbags are stacked on tables in the middle of the room. The large bags are $125, small bags are $90, and clutches are $75. Italian leather belts are $25 and scarves—of which we only saw two—are $35. There were many damaged bags, especially the embroidered clutches, which we assume would also be an additional 20% off like the clothes and shoes.

There is no dressing room, but there are a couple of mirrors where some women have been trying on clothes. We were told they will be restocking throughout the sale. See the Dealfeed below for sale hours.—Hsini
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