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A Tiny, Mighty Crowd Went Wild for Peter Pilotto for Target Today

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The Peter Pilotto for Target collaboration is finally here! Racked NY Associate Editor Laura Gurfein is on the scene at the Atlantic Terminal store. Read on for her account, and follow along with us on Twitter.

7:30am: I'm here! Totally forgot I'd be waiting inside for this. So only 12 people are lined up. Snooze. The first group got here at 4am.

7:35am: No signs of life here from the staff. The store is still totally closed up and there isn't security or anything around.

7:40am: Four people have shown up since I got here, and they're steadily trickling in.

7:41am: Not sure why, but we all just stood up and moved forward. I think staff members showed up, but it doesn't look like they can open the gates.

7:42am: Some of the people online are reading this lineblog aloud. If anyone's interested in the floral shirt with the sheer black and white sleeves, I have it in my bag and I'm returning it...

7:45am: One gate just went up! People are looking to see where the collection is and planning the fastest way to get there.

7:46am: The girls in front of me are looking at pieces online—not sure if they're going to buy it there too.

7:50am: Overheard: "I feel like I should go to church afterwards." "Why, because it's sacrilegious to worship clothing?"

7:55am: Just a few minutes to go! Only about 25 people are on line here. The line is a hell of a lot shorter than the one that was at this week's preview/party.

7:56am: They're setting up shopping carts to corral traffic. It's kind of hard to tell, but it looks like the staff is setting up shopping carts to block certain paths to make us all go one way.

7:58am: Topics of discussion: Net-a-Porter, Daffy's, Fashion Week security.

8am: We're in! People are going NUTS. They dived under the gate when it went up and totally went out of line. They're grabbing armfuls. Basically, everyone wants everything. All the patterns. There are one pair of sunglasses left and one girl just said all the small sizes are gone.

8:05am: Despite the frenzy, there's still a lot left on the racks. It looks like Target was well prepared.

8:07am: Okay, things are calming down a little. People are getting down to business now and looking at sizes, but not necessarily fit. The staff is restocking the bags, and no one seems too interested in the swimwear. Guess it's too cold.

8:11am: There's still a lot of stuff and no one is feverishly grabbing anymore. BUT a Target employee just told us that everything is out, all sizes. They only had a few extra boxes of the bags.

8:12am: Taking a better look at the racks now that people have cleared. Certain styles are definitely lacking small and medium sizes.

8:15am: People were definitely going for the dresses, but there are more of other styles left. If you're still interested in the collection, it's probably worth it to come by and see what's left.

8:20am: Oh wait, the staff is now unloading extra shoes. Looks like they had more than bags back there. They're also starting to return things from the fitting rooms that people aren't taking.

8:21am: I'm only seeing one of the strapless dress. That's basically the only thing that's totally out. A girl is anxiously tailing an employee who's putting out clothes from the fitting room back on the racks.

8:23am: So now the first people in line are back to take a second look, make sure they didn't miss anything.

8:25am: We just asked an employee about restocking. They said they'll possibly get a shipment tonight, but they won't know what is on the truck, if anything, until they get it. Anything that they do get will be on the floor first thing tomorrow. The only things not on the floor right now are a shopping cart of shoes.

8:30am: And on that note, we're heading to customer service to return that shirt. And COFFEE. Tweet us any updates if you stop by later—here, or any other location in the NYC area!
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Target Atlantic Terminal

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Target Atlantic Terminal

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