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Here's What's Left at the Last Day of the Marni Sample Sale

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Last night, we stopped by the Marni sample sale to check in on what's left, after a round of markdowns earlier in the day. This morning, Soiffer Haskin sent around an email that prices have been further reduced. We considered holding off on this report until finding out more about what those reductions are, but since today is the last day, we decided to go ahead and publish now. That means it's very possible prices mentioned here (which reflect those of last night) have gotten better.

As of last night, pieces that are "priced as marked" are an additional 25% off, while other items listed on the price list has random reductions. The discounts were between an additional 20% off up to approximately 65% off. For example, tees (although we didn't spot many) were down to $25 instead of $50. Skirts, tops, and tank tops were $75 (from $95), and coats dropped to $195 (from $275). Men's knits were marked down all the way to $45 (from $130).

The best deals are probably on the accessories, or what's left of them. Last night, sunglasses were marked down to $55 (from $80). The selection is small, but we saw some decent pairs of aviators. The cheapest items are the tights and socks, which are $15 (were $20). Bikinis are $30 and belts are $35.

Shoes were also marked down. Boots were priced at $145 (were $185), and pumps, slingbacks, and wedges were $95 (were $125), and flats were $95 (from $105). Styles are definitely picked over in the popular sizes. We counted about five pairs left in the size 7 section, and roughly 8 to 10 pairs in size 8 and 8.5. The selection for size 5 and size 10-11 is the best, and cute styles were spotted in size 6.5. Stripy espadrilles were still only $35, but we only saw a couple of them in size 5 and 10. Men's shoes were down to only 20, pairs ranging from size 9 to 11.

The men's selection was pretty abysmal, as mentioned in our first post. The children's wear was no better, which filled one rack with less than 30 items of clothing left.

In the accessories section, the men's accessories box included socks ($15) and silk ties ($30). Women's jewelry and small wallets ($65), pochettes ($115), and hats ($40) were picked over. There are plenty of hairbands ($25), though, that filled one box.

We liked the lingerie selection and found many cute silk tops and slip-ons. Panties and bras are now $30 and boxers and camisoles are $45.

Unless you're hoping to score with the new markdowns or absolutely need something Marni in your closet, it might not be worth a trip through the slush at this point. Today is the last day of the sale, which wraps up at 6pm.—Hsini.
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