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Chelsea Loehmann's Gets New Stock And Lowers Prices

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When we arrived at the Chelsea Loehmann's to check out the current state of their liquidation sale, we expected it to resemble a rejects bin behind a Goodwill. Instead, we found it clean, orderly and boasting a fair amount of new merchandise. Most of the departments had recently added at least some new stock from the warehouse. And despite the fact that these clothes had just been put out on the floor, Loehmann's has finally started lowering all its prices significantly.

Before you get too excited, know that these aren't "call in sick so you can go shopping" clothes. They're more "check them out if you're in the neighborhood." There are a lot of new pieces on the first floor's young contemporary department, as well as on the third floor's women's sportswear section, all of which are 40% off the lowest ticketed prices. They've also gotten in a lot of new purses, which share the same reductions.

There are some new Back Room designer pieces, but not a huge number. We saw a few new racks of Rachel Roy designs, a couple new racks of Bally garments, and a few new Versace pieces. There's a sign pointing out new Escada, but we didn't actually spot any. All Back Room designer pieces are now 40% off their lowest ticketed price.

Women's lingerie is also 40% off. The few remaining coats are reduced to 50% off, as are evening and wedding dresses. Shoe reductions range between 60% to 70% off.

For those who like to scavenge, on the fourth floor you'll find most of the store's previously reduced merchandise. These are now all reduced a further 40%, 50% or 80% off their last reduction, depending on what color price sticker is on the label. This section is very picked over and a lot of the merchandise is considerably beat up, but if you enjoy shopping as sport, you'll probably want to pick through it yourself, just in case.

We were told by a sales associate that no more new merchandise will be added to the sale—but we were also told that before all this merchandise was added. So from here on out, the stock will be dwindling down to nothing until that March closing. Or it won't be.
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