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Marni Fans Will Love Their First-Ever Sample Sale

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We arrived early to the inaugural Marni sample sale this morning, where we were surprised (and thankful) to find an indoor line at Soffier Haskin. We entered the sale just after the 10am start time to find a room full of shoes, tops, shirts, dresses, pants, accessories, and more for both men and women, all at up to 80% off retail prices for the Italian brand.

We were really surprised at the prices—we think they're really affordable for what you're getting. You can see the full price list for women's clothing at the bottom of our initial post, or in the gallery above. Any item that has a highlighted tag is priced as marked.

In the picture, you'll see that there are some letter codes next to the items that correspond with what's on an item's tag. So if you're not sure which category an item falls into, you can check that way, or ask a sales associate. We picked up a forest green cashmere sweater that retailed for $860, but after comparing the tag code (CVMD) to the chart, we saw it was on sale for $170.

While Soffier Haskin doesn't allow photography and we can't show you what's available, know that the majority of the sale is women's clothing. You're in luck if you're a size 2 or 4, since nearly half the racks are dedicated to pants, colorful sweaters and silky tops in solids and patterns, textured skirts, and several styles of dresses in those sizes.

But "fiercely real" ladies, don't sweat it—there's still a good selection for all of those pieces for 6s and 8s, but there's only two racks of size 10 pieces and just one for size 12.

While most of the merchandise we checked out looked to be in good condition, we noticed frayed hems and dangling threads on some of the shirts. As with all sample sales, be sure to carefully inspect your finds before purchase.

Women's shoes are located on the left-hand side of the room as you enter, just past the accessories. Prices are as follows: $185 for tall boots, $135 for ankle boots, $125 for pumps, slingbacks, platforms, and wedges, $110 for sandals, $105 for flats, and $35 for espadrilles and clogs.

The smaller your feet, the smaller your selection—there are very, very, few styles available for sizes 6 through 8.5. We only spotted three pairs of 7.5s, and a sales associate told us that everything they have is out on the floor (this is only for shoes—we're not sure about clothing).

However, there were a decent amount of size 9s and at least four tables of size 10s in several different styles. We saw a nice pair of sandals with thick pink and blue straps, mint green leather ankle boots with pink and brown stripes, and an interesting pair of day-glo orange plastic sandals.

As for accessories, there are super chunky bangles, bracelets, and necklaces for $65 and $70, respectively, and plastic sunglasses with funky frames go for $80. There's very little in the bag selection—we saw just a few clutches going for $115 and three very plain-looking totes behind the sales table. Again, there isn't any merchandise left to restock on the bags either.

Women's accessories are just in front of the shoes, and include crazy-looking hats, long gloves, belts, socks, and just a couple scarves. These items range in price from $20 through $70. We noticed that many of the smaller belts were highlighted and priced at $25 even though the sign specified that they are generally $55.

There are a few tables with underwear and bras by the accessories, mostly in sizes XS and S, and two racks of lingerie next to the fitting rooms. Here's the price list: Rompers are $120, boxers are $90, camis and tanks are $75, panties and slips are $55, and bras and bikini separates (of which we didn't see any) are $45. Think silky pieces in bright Marni-esque colors that could use a date with a steamer before an actual date.

The men's selection is situated in the back right corner of the room. There are only two racks of clothing with a small size selection for each, two tables of what are mostly sneakers in bright colors, and a tray of accessories including wallets, gloves, and more.

Prices for the guy's merchandise are as follows, starting with the highest: Coats are $200, jackets are $170, tops and pants are $100 and accessories are $25 to $40. A few diehard male fans were there checking out the collection, but there wasn't much to look at.

There's tons of sales staff on the floor to assist you with figuring out prices and setting up fitting rooms when you're carrying armfuls of hangers. By the time we left at 10:30, the first shoppers were beginning to make their purchases, and the line had grown to more than 100 people and some customers had to wait outside—albeit in the sunshine. We'd guess that there'd be a pretty sizable line come lunchtime as well.

See the Dealfeed below for more info on this sale's date and time. Oh, and fun fact: we spotted Lynn Yaeger across the street just after we left—check out her photo in the gallery.
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