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This NJ Target Might Be Your Best Bet for the Peter Pilotto Collab

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The Peter Pilotto for Target collaboration drops Sunday, and most Target stores in the country (including pretty much all of them in the New York City area) will carry it. If for some reason you can't make it on Sunday, or if what you wanted is sold out by the time that you get there, there's a solution: shop the Edgewater store in New Jersey.

Edgewater is just a quick bus ride out of Port Authority, and due to North Bergen county's Blue Laws, the store is closed on Sundays, meaning Monday is officially launch day. (Target's customer service confirms the store will stock it.) To get there, take the 158 bus out of Port Authority. The address is 543 River Road. See you there?
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Edgewater Target

543 River Rd Edgewater, NJ