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Everything You Need to Know About Peter Pilotto for Target

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The Peter Pilotto for Target collection hits stores on Sunday, February 9th—otherwise known as this year's Super Bowl Sunday of high-low collabs. The line includes apparel, swimwear, accessories, shoes, and a ton of prints, with prices that start as low as $14.99 and trickle up to $79.99 for some of the more elaborate items.

If you're a fan of the designer's main collection or just love a good print, then this one's for you. After the jump, we've rounded up everything you need to know to totally dominate launch day, from where to shop it, what time to get there, the lowdown on returns, and more.

Where to shop it in the New York City area:
The collaboration will be available at "most" Target stores, and for whatever reason, Target still doesn't post a list of these locations online. A customer service rep confirmed to us that the collection will be available at the following locations in the NYC area: East Harlem, Atlantic Terminal, Brooklyn Junction, Queens Place, Bronx Terminal, and Jersey City.

What time to get there:
That depends on how bad you want it. All of the above mentioned stores open at 8am, so 7am is a pretty safe bet. Earlier than that is always an option, but that depends on how diehard you're feeling on a Sunday morning.

Make a game plan:
So the Pinterest app isn't amazing, but putting together a board of what you want is probably the easiest way to make sure you don't forget something—and a smart way to have the prices on hand at the ready. We've started one here with some editor's picks.

How much money you need to bring or mentally set aside:
Clothing from the collab is priced between $14.99 and $79.99 (which includes apparel and swim), and accessories are $16.99 to $39.99. A lot of the tops and skirts are $29.99 or $34.99, and some of the dresses are priced a little higher at $44.99 or $49.99. The most expensive pieces are the Purple Floral Print dress for $69.99 and the Jacquard dress in the Red Iris Print for $79.99.

Beware the online exclusives:
As always, some of the items will only be available online, so make sure you know what they are before banking on buying them in the store. This time around, they the include the red floral/check print sweatshirt and the matching bikini bottom and tote, and the Green Floral Stripe pencil skirt and matching bikini top. See our sister site's lookbook for a look at the exclusives.

What to know if you're shopping it online instead:
Thinking of sitting it out, and shopping from the comfort of your couch? Our sister site has a lot of great pointers to consider, like the fact that "Target doesn't like to tell people exactly when on a Sunday morning its collaborations will drop, most likely because it doesn't want the website to crash. In the past, collabs have tended to land online between midnight and 3am, obviously well before Target's doors open around 8am." Net-a-Porter will also have several key pieces from the collection.

What to do if you need to return:
Target's customer service says that they'll honor the standard 90-day return rule, but in the past, collaboration return policies have differed. Make sure to check your receipt so that you know how long you have, and whatever you do, don't lose it.

Check for other people's returns:
Because people will return, and it'll get put right back on the shelves.

Update: A previous version of this post suggested checking out the Edgewater store in New Jersey. The store is actually closed on Sundays, but a customer service rep confirms it will have the collection. For this store, launch day is technically on Monday.
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