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The $98 Black Purse That's Practically Indestructible

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Today's pick comes from Racked DC editor Adele Chapin.

French Connection Animal Mania Crocodile Print Bag, $98 on Amazon

When I first saw this French Connection purse, I thought, "Ew, looks like a doctor's bag." And then the longer I looked at it, I thought, "Ooh, looks like a doctor's bag." It's a classic shape that isn't pegged to any particular style or year, and that's what sold me. That, and the fact that it costs just under $100.

The purse is Mary Poppins-esque, with room for an iPad, book, winter hat, water bottle or anything else you could think to cram in there. And there are some nice details, like the zip top, interior pockets, slim black handles, and matte black hardware.

Yeah, it's not leather, but the croc pattern is interesting and I don't have to be too precious with it. Good thing, since the first day I took it out, I was splashed head-to-toe by a car while standing in the curb like in a freaking comic strip, and the purse handled that with aplomb.
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