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Brian Atwood Abruptly Closes on Madison Avenue

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Yesterday, a tipster told us that the Brian Atwood store on Madison Avenue had seemingly been abandoned: "The logos have been etched off the front of the place, and the entrance emblem in the entry has been pulled out and cemented over. What the?" When we walked by, we saw that the store's mirrored windows are completely bare, and the glass doors are indeed papered up.

We've reached out to the brand's PR and will update once we hear back. In the meantime, here's what it used to look like. (And here it is broken down by the numbers: number of doormen, number of custom-crafted velvet seats, number of average dollars spent per transaction... If it's closed, that was a pretty short run; it's only been open since 2012.—Chinea Rodriguez

Update, 2/28: Brian Atwood's PR tells that they "don't have any information to share on that at this time" but promise to keep us posted.
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