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The Best of Your Comments From the Diptyque Lineblog

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Photo by Claudia Saide
Photo by Claudia Saide

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Diptyque fans were quite chatty while waiting in line for opening day of the French brand's annual sample sale. From complaining about line cutters (both with and without child) to standing out in the snow and even dreaming about Victoria Beckham, many of you let us know exactly how you were feeling in the comment thread from our lineblog. Take a look at some of the best quips after the jump.

Guest #3, 9:37am: "Bring a baby, a lady with one skipped the whole line and got inside!!"

Guest #4, 9:42am: "#frostbitefordiptyque"

Guest #6, 9:46am: "I am pregnant with twins. Let me innnnn."

Guest #13, 9:58am: "'I have circulation problems' is the newest excuse at the door. #failed"

Guest #19, 10:34am: "stuff some pillows under your coats!!"

Guest #21, 10:41am: "That 2 for $22 deal on 3-wick candles looks pretty good over at Bath and Body Works."

Guest #27, 11:03am: "What kind of asshole woman brings a fucking kid to ANY sale? Guess what? Just because you have a child should not mean you get to skip ANYONE. This sale is for idiots."

Guest #34, 11:31am: "On the plus side of all of this, shivering burns calories!"

Guest #39, 11:59am: "I had a dream about Victoria Beckham. Just woke up and lit a Diptyque candle purchased at full price. Time for lunch!"

Guest #51, 2:23pm: "Even though it was freezing and lifetime length waiting, I'm super happy with what I got! 2 Fig candle and oval set, 2 EDT ombré des l'Eau, 4 mini candles, 2 body cream (Byeodo Parfums), 2 satin oil, and love love the olene eau de toilette"

Gust #54, 5:24pm: "Will trade my Regular size Baies candle for your Byredo's "Ambre Japonais" candle or your Dyptique regular size Vetyver candle (NOT Vetyverio). Reach out if interested."

As for the actual sale, reviews have been mixed. In this post, one reader wrote: "There are plenty of holiday candles in the colored glass, but that is about the extent of it. Obviously the majority of people are going to the sale for the candles and they should have been better stocked."

Several commenters also added that they were charged more than what they purchased. One says: "They miscalculated and I paid around $60 more than I really bought. The casher even didn't say "sorry" and looked angry when I went back and asked her to recalculate. CHECK YOUR RECEIPT before you leave!!"

For the most up-to-date information, keep your eyes on the comment threads in the link below. We'll be checking out the sale later on tonight to let you know whether or not it's worth hitting up for the final day tomorrow.
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Diptyque Sample Sale

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