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Inside Sarah Jessica Parker's Beautiful Shoe Pop-Up in Soho

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Photos by Driely S.

This weekend marks the debut of SJP, the highly anticipated shoe collection designed by shoe maven Sarah Jessica Parker and sold exclusively at Nordstrom. In lieu of the department store's presence in our city (until around 2018), shoppers can check out her collection, which also includes bags and a trench coat in two colors, in a pop-up shop at 372 West Broadway.

The former Carrie Bradshaw designed shoes for "everybody," she told us during the media preview earlier this week. "This was very much intended as a cross-generational collection...I've always been drawn to lots of different people of all ages and shapes and colors and ethnic backgrounds." With a variety of heel heights, colors, and materials to choose from, any customer could easily find her favorite pair.

And speaking of favorites, though she was wearing the green Anna heel at the preview, she refused to divulge which design she liked best. "I won't—don't ask me to pick a favorite shoe! No way!" she told Racked. "There's some that I circle to more than others and wear more frequently, but I love them all."

But what if everyone doesn't love them like she does? SJP refuses to let criticism get her down. "I put this out there, and I have to hope we've done something right. We're going to learn a lot. We're going to learn some ideas just didn't work. but that's good for us to know.

"As terrified as I am to hear something negative, it doesn't do you any good to not know the truth," she added. "So I'd rather not live in some delusional world." As for what's coming next? "It just gets better, she said. "Wait until you see pre-fall."

Shoe prices range from $195 to $485, with most of the heels shown in the gallery above at around $350. The pop-up shop will be open in New York tomorrow through Sunday, and SJP will be making in-store appearances Friday at 10am, Saturday at 3pm, and Sunday at 11am. The pop-up will be open from 10am to 8pm on Friday and Saturday, and from 11am to 6pm on Sunday.
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