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Updated:The Diptyque Sample Sale Sold Out, Won't Open Today

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We checked out the Diptyque sample sale tonight just a little under two hours before closing to see what was left. Basically, not much. We were told a shipment was brought in this morning, but it went as quickly as it came.

Update: 260 told us this morning that the sale has sold out and they won't be hosting it today.

All the leftover stock has been moved to one single table and a shelf stacked with mini pine ovals, which were marked down to $10 (were $27). There were a fair amount, but still not many takers. All candles were gone except for the holiday (Orange Chaya and Indian Incense), which always seem to be the last ones to go.

What was left: fragrances (a hoard of women took turn sniffing testers). We saw some 50 ml bottles of the 34 Collection natural spray, 200 ml bottles of cologne, and 20 ml cologne roll-ons of L'eau de Hesperides. There were also 100 ml colognes of L'Eau de L'Eau, 100 ml eau de toilette of Volutes, and just a few bottles of testers.

The three racks that held Byredo products were all gone—It was as if they were never even there. These were barely touched at the beginning of the sale, so we can only imagine that shoppers started grabbing them up when the Diptyque candles started running out.

Before we left, we asked the sale organizer if there would be restocking tomorrow. She told us that everything was definitely out and while looking around at the frenzy and what was left, she said that she wasn't even sure if they would still have any stock to open up tomorrow. We've emailed and are waiting to hear back.—Hsini
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