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Snow Can't Stop the Huge Crowd at the Diptyque Sample Sale

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The Diptyque sample sale begins at 10am today, and judging from last night's preview, it's going to get crazy. Racked contributor Claudia Saide's report from the line is below.

8:55am: I just got here and the line is already wrapped around to 26th Street—guess the snow flurries aren't stopping anyone! I'd say there are about 80 people ahead of me.

9:05am: The line started at 4:52am, according to SOLD Inc, the line-sitting service that was first on the scene.

9:09am: About 40 people are behind me now. There's a woman in line with a baby!!!!

9:18am: There are more men here than you might think—the ratio's probably 60 to 40, women to men.

9:25am: People are walking by giving us the dirtiest looks—yes, we are dedicated fans and will do anything for a candle!

9:28am: Okay, so the snow is coming down harder now...

9:30am: Probably about 60 people behind me now, maybe more. Hopefully they let us in a little early. One of our readers writes in the comments: "It's freezing and line has reached end of the block on 26th. Shocked they haven't opened yet. Several people ahead of me have already left."

9:40am: Actually, it looks like there are at least 100 people behind me now, so probably around 180 people in line total.

9:45am: One reader writes that a lady with a baby just skipped the whole line, but the lady with the baby that we spotted is still behind me (how many babies are in this line?!) Open up Diptyque!!

9:46am: Looks like the woman with the baby did make it inside! Can't find her.

9:48am: It's 9:48 and still no movement. This sucks.

9:96am: Just a few more people and the line will reach the corner of Madison Avenue and 26th Street. (FYI, the sale's on Fifth Avenue.)

10:03am: Movement! The door have opened. Three girls were trying to be sneaky and cut the line. Nope!

10:10am: About 40 people are still ahead of me.

10:20am: Best tweet so far: "I'm definitely bringing a baby to the next Diptyque sale." A reader tip from someone inside: "Just left the sale. They said they restocked more from last night but will not restock again. Tons of holiday candles and no one is going for them. Best bet are the sets. Tip : go for the set (candle and oval) there are a lot of them and they go fast."

10:30am: Lady with the baby just walked out with a massive bag. There was a pregnant woman in line too, who's also nowhere to be found—looks like she got in early too.

10:41am: Barely anyone has walked out—there should be a shopping time limit. We are cold!! A woman just walked out and said there were no more candles. And she was lying because another shoppers just walked out and said there were candles left. What a mean trick to play on frostbitten people.

10:56am: 21 people left in front of me—I've finally made it to the other side. I'm also approaching my two-hour mark.

10:57am: Intel from the comment thread. One shopper says: "Just came out, there's basically nothing left which is pretty terrible." But another adds: "Plenty of candles left people. May not be the popular scent (Baies or Fig). If you get in and there aren't much left, I say go for the Green holiday candles (green, pine tree smell). They are PLENTY. Plus all the SETS."

10:58am: Another woman just walked up with a stroller and is trying to get in.

11:00am: She left.

11:06am: Two other women on line are causing major controversy by trying to cut. The people waiting on line are (naturally) getting way pissed.

11:10am: Update on the line cutters: someone from 260 saved the day and kicked them out.

11:22am: They're basically letting in two people at a time. I'm next (and frozen).

And here's the latest post from inside.

Diptyque Sample Sale

225 Fifth Avenue New York NY