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What's Going Fast and What's Left at the Diptyque Sample Sale

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After over two hours of waiting in the snow and freezing weather this morning, we finally made it inside the Diptyque sample sale at 225 Fifth Avenue. What we found was definitely not what we expected.

It was as if nobody in the world existed outside these doors. Things were quiet and borderline serene, and everyone was taking their time shopping and listening to the pleasant background music. But who could really blame them after standing outside for so long?

The line outside was moving really slowly, likely because there were no more than forty people inside shopping or checking out. There is plenty of room to breathe and shop around, so much so that another ten people could have easily been let in, but as we were leaving we heard an employee instruct the doorman to hold off any more people until it cleared out a bit. Perhaps this is because there are just three cashiers, so the line to check out is taking a bit of time.

As far as what's left, anyone looking for single standard candles will be disappointed—there's not much left. The $35 standard sized scents we did find include Ciel, Genevrier, Infini, Myrrhe, and Foin Coupe, but the selection was diminishing. The $15 minis still available include Eau de Lierre, Choisya, Verveine, and Pomander, but these are going quick too.

There's a small selection of the Art of Body Care sets, but single products are mostly gone. The Byredo collection is still well stocked, and some of their candles smell really nice, like Loveless and Carrousel. Anyone bummed out about the lack of Diptyque candles should check these out.

There are still piles of holiday candles, fragrances, and all sorts of sets. Not many people seemed to be paying attention to the gift sets or holiday candles, but half the shoppers were crouched over the perfume and cologne display, where there were still tons of testers and scents to go 'round. The other half was hoping that the Diptyque team would give in and restock the candles—that didn't happen.

The sale will indeed be restocked, and we're told they're waiting for it to be completely wiped out before they bring in any more merch. This could be seen as a pro or con; pro for anyone that plans on waiting to attend on a later date, but a MAJOR con for anybody still standing on line. If you're still out there, take this into consideration before your toes go completely numb.

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