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The Diptyque Sample Sale Rundown: Prices, Scents, and More!

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We caught a whiff—okay, a glimpse—of tomorrow's Diptyque sample sale at a preview tonight, which opens at 10am tomorrow at 225 Fifth Avenue. First things first: there's a slight price increase for some of the candles compared to the previous sales. For example, standard candles are $35 (were $30) and standard holiday candles are also $35 (were $34).

When we were there, there were no more standard or mini candles in the super popular scent Baies and we confirmed with (three) staffers that there is no more backstock. There are still a decent amount of Baies oval sets for $49 (normally $98). Since these are probably the only Baies candles at the sale, we don't expect them to last long tomorrow. We also didn't see the deliciously floral Rosa Mundi candles, which were nicely stocked at last year's sale.

To make life easy, we've put the full price list after the jump. And at this point it goes without saying that the earlier you show up tomorrow, the better—certain items were flying off the tables tonight.


50 ml Eau de Toilettes are $44, 100ml Eau de Toilettes are $60, and roll-ons are $24; scents include Roses, L'Eau de Tarocco, Do Son, Tam Dao, Philosykos, and more. 75 ml Eau de Parfums are $70, roll-ons are $28, and solid perfumes are $24. 200 ml fragrance colognes are $68, 100 ml fragrance colognes are $49, and roll-ons are $24.

There are a good amount of perfume testers in sizes 50 ml, 75 ml and 100 ml in the same section as the regular stock. Scents included Do Son, L'Ombre dans l'Eau, Philosykos, and Tam Dao. We weren't able to get prices for these amid all the frenzy, but 260 confirms with us that 50 ml testers are $24, 75 ml testers are $50, and 100 ml testers are $40.


Standard (190g) candles are $35, colored candles (300g) are $45 and mini (70g) candles (including old stocks of Pomander, Verveine, Figuier and Cyprès) are $15. Candle oval sets (just Figuier and Baies) are $49. Holiday candles (scents: Indian incense, Orange Chaya, Sapin Doré, Oliban) are $35 for standard sizes and $15 for mini. Ten-candle votive sets are $65 and three-candle votive sets are $42. Five-mini candle sets are $35, and mini Pine ovals are $27. Holiday candles and sets are very well-stocked.

Home/Travel Sets:

Scented Ovals are $23. There are plenty of Ambre ovals and a few Baies and Feuille de Lavande. Room sprays are $35. Travel EDT sets are $20 and the Art of Body Care pouchbags are $25.

Art of Body Care

Scented body creams are $34, scented body lotions are $28, Fresh Body Lotions are $29, Precious Oils are $39, Body Creme Rich is $45, and Body Scrubs are $34. The Velvet Hand Lotion and the Creamy Body Wash are both $21. Hand soap and the Revitalizing Shower Gel are both $19, and the Satin Oil is $29. There were no single soaps this time.

The 34 Collection:

A decent stock of 34 candles are $40, 100ml Eau de Toilettes are $68, and 50ml Eau de Toilettes are $50. 34 Eau Particular is $68, 34 single soaps are $15, and the 34 scented ovals are $25.


There are many more accessories this year, including candle holders (190g for $40 and 300g for $50). Candle stands and capsules are $11, and a fancy looking hour glass diffuser is $73 (and refill for $25). The snuffers and wick trimmers are $19 and lids are $11.


The Stockholm-based fragrance brand Byredo Parfums is also unloading some stock at this year's sale. Byredo Parfums candles, skincare, and perfumes are available and practically untouched. (The brand was launched in 2006, and the retail price of their candles start at $80, while perfumes are $140 and up.) Most of the stock is discounted at 50% off.

Standard candles (240g) and large candles (300g) are $40. Mini candles are $11, 100g soaps are $15, and Travel EDP sets are $50. 50 ml perfumes are $70, while 100 ml perfumes are $100. Scented body lotions range from $30 to $40, and finally, scented body washes (225 ml) are $28.

And that's it. As usual, if you're planning to go, we advise you early to go snag your favorite scents. But be warned: there's a shopping limit of 15 standard candles and a 40-items-total limit per shopper. Mizhattan also heard that they'd only be letting in ten people at a time. See the dealfeed for more info, and join us in the fun as we cover the sale through Friday, including a lineblog tomorrow morning.—Hsini
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