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Looks Like Loehmann's Finally Has a Closing Date

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We stopped by the Chelsea Loehmann's yesterday to see if it actually was their final day. Not surprisingly, despite what the sales staff had initially told us, the store has not shut down yet. Their latest "final day" is now supposedly this Wednesday. And that date might actually be the correct one, because for the first time since their liquidation was announced, the staff seems confident in their responses to the question, "When are you closing?"

Prices are now 70% off everything, except for the few remaining pairs of shoes, which are 80% off. We were told that there will be at least one more reduction before the store closes, but we don't know when that will occur or how much the reduction will be. We can't imagine there will be much left to buy by then, however, because the stock is already extremely picked over. There's no clothing left on the third and fourth floor, and the second is now more than half empty, with only shoes, accessories and lingerie, as well as the three remaining racks of already reduced merchandise still located there.

The first floor now boasts the few remaining designer garments, some purses, bathing suits, jeans, plus contemporary sportswear and dresses. A fair number of the pieces are stained or ripped but you can still find pristine merchandise, particularly by BCBG, Rachel Roy, Walter, and Ivanka Trump.

At this point, only go if you really enjoy scavenging, because you're going to have to dig through some really crappy merchandise. On the bright side, you may find a pair of jeans for $9, a dress for $21 or a cute romper for $4.99.

Tip: Check the return racks by the fitting rooms for items people don't want. You'll find some of the best garments there. And speaking of fitting rooms, we don't know how much longer the second floor will be open, but while it is, there are fitting rooms in its back corner that usually have much less of a line than the ones on the first floor.

When we were there, the ladies room was completely out of toilet paper and soap. That may be remedied before they close, but considering that the Loehmann's Bronx store had shut their bathrooms down entirely, you may want bring some extra Kleenex, or just use the facilities at the nearby Bed Bath & Beyond.
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