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Dumpster Diving Gets Heated Outside Closed Record Shop

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According to a Gothamist tipster, the former Academy Records Annex in Williamsburg (which has moved to Greenpoint) disposed of its unwanted vinyls in a dumpster on North 6th Street today, prompting passerby to rummage through the remnants of the shop. Another tipster wrote in to say that things escalated around 2pm.

A minute or two after I got there, a guy from the dumpster company started yelling for the collector to get out of the dumpster. The collector refused, eventually suggesting that the guy call the cops if he needs him out. The guy from the dumpster company jumped into the dumpster and got up in the collector's face, about to start a fight. As it was about to get physical, someone else from his team came running out and got both guys out of the dumpster. Immediately, the company started tarping and tying down the dumpster while the few remaining collectors asked why and continued to dig.

Academy Records, on the other hand, is tweeting that they weren't the ones who put them in the dumpster. WHODUNIT?
· Tons Of Vinyl Being Tossed From Former W'burg Record Shop [Gothamist]

96 N 6th St Brooklyn, NY