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Loehmann's Is Closing in Seven Days. Well, Maybe...

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We stopped by the Chelsea Loehmann's yesterday to check prices, stock, and get the latest scoop on when their final closing date is. Finding answers on the first two questions was much easier than for that last one. Although signs posted in and outside the store state that they're closing in seven days, three different employees we spoke to said that they weren't sure if that would be the case.

The liquidators told them that the store technically could be open through the end of the month, but that it might close Sunday (or sometime before or after that depending on how the next few days go). Not very helpful to shoppers, but even less so to employees trying to figure out how they'll pay their bills.

Almost all clothing and accessories in the store are now 60% off the Loehmann's tagged price, except for coats, shoes, and most of the already reduced clothing, all of which are 70% off. The furniture is now also for sale, including clothing racks for $150, fragrance racks for $250, and tables for $40 to $100. There are also giant boxes filled with what look to be hundreds of hangers for $2 a box.

Much of the Back Room designer stock has now been moved to the first floor. You'll see a smattering of Rachel Roy, Rag & Bone, Rebecca Taylor, Theory, DKNY, Armani and Versace. Non-designer stock is located there too, including the store's contemporary sportswear (more can be found on the other floors). And if you're looking for contemporary dresses, you can now find many reduced into the $30-$50 range.

Thanks to the recent restocking, there are a few brands which you can still find in abundance. We saw tons of Walter in every department, including handbags. There is also a lot of BCBG, and enough Ivanka Trump to make you wonder how well her line is doing.

The already reduced merchandise was moved to the third floor from the now vacant fourth—seemingly just before we got there, since the store's announcer kept having to correct himself mid-sentence when telling shoppers which floor it was on. You'll find clothing from almost every department there, including a few designer pieces, but some of it is bedraggled.

Most customers we came into contact with were polite, but the 60-70% reductions are bringing out the mercenary side in some, so keep an eye on your potential purchases. After we saw a woman replace a dress she'd briefly considered back onto a rack, we took it and put it in our basket. The moment we turned away, she grabbed it out of our basket and fled.

As Loehmann's is now in its final countdown to closing, nothing is returnable. Store credits and gift cards aren't good anymore either, but Gold and Diamond Club members can still use their ten percent off discounts.
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