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Since Winter Won't Let Up, Spring Sales Are Already Hurting

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Photo via Getty Images
Photo via Getty Images

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Usually by this time of year, cabin fever-afflicted New Yorkers are dreaming of warmer temps, or perhaps gearing up for a spring break trip, and heading to their favorite stores to check out the new spring lines. Not so in 2014, according to the New York Post. "Nobody wants to shop for skin-baring styles when it feels like the city has plunged into one polar vortex after another."

This is leaving the city's stores with some serious pain. Retail sales were short of their expected mark for the third month in a row in January, and store owners upped their typical winter discounts to try and lure shoppers.

And now with spring merchandise hitting the shelves that is unlikely to move anytime soon, many are jostling to stock current wearables to boost their numbers. The Post reports that Hunter boots keep selling out at the Bloomingdale's flagship—"Reorders are tough to come by, but any that Bloomingdale's brings in are selling out."

"This is definitely hurting us," Brooklyn Industries CEO Lexy Funk said of this season. "Winters are normally tough, but this is worse, with more snow days and much colder weather."

Indeed, January and February are typically slow months for retailers, which means that sub-par sales to kick off the year don't necessarily signal disaster. "[More snow] is not going to help retailers," said senior analyst Jim Rice of the retail consulting firm Creditnell, "but it's not like they can't recover at some point during the year."
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