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The $25 Menswear Deals Return to the Bespoken Sample Sale

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We swung by the Bespoken sample sale preview last night at 50 East 57 Street to if it's worth the trip in this weather. If you're a guy who likes tailored clothing with an edge and doesn't want to break the bank, then the answer is yes. The sale is full of fall and winter goods at up to 75% off and most spring and summer items are priced at $25. Nothing is individually tagged, but there are price lists everywhere. If you're not sure, just ask.

Sizes available throughout the sale run from extra small to extra extra large. Pants are 28 through 34 with tailored jackets offered in 38 through 44. When you walk in, you'll find the amazing $25 to $35 "nook" on the right. The $25 racks are full of warm-weather items including tees, polos, shorts, and some casual pants.

The $35 rack is full of sweatshirts, sport coats, zip-up jackets, and heavy wool coats. There are matching suit jackets and pants here, so you can score a $70 suit if you're lucky.

There are more outerwear options further into the sale, including a two-toned burgundy and grey overcoat, a quilted navy wool bomber, and heavy blanket striped coats, all for $190. Suit coats are $125 and trousers are only $70, so you might be able to walk off with a $195 suit. If you're in the mood for something causal, grab the $35 cords, $50 hooded sweatshirts, and $50 button up shirts. Heavy sweaters are $65 in a range of greys, burgundys, and blues. Color cashmere knits are priced at $100.

The impressive shoe section has sizes 7 through 12, and the prices range from $90 for spring shoes to $120 for fall shoes. There are camo trimmed leather boots, suede oxfords, leather lace-ups, and classic sneakers. In the back are bins with $25 black leather lace-up boots and $25 white high-tops.

Ties and bow ties are $20, and there's a selection of Ernest Alexander bags, priced from $35 to $225. There are no fitting rooms, but there is a large mirror. We're told there will be some restocking throughout. The sale runs from 9am to 7pm today and tomorrow.
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