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Inside the 64 Square-Foot Deth Killers Flagship on the Bowery

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Photos via Deth Killers/BFA: Billy Farrell Agency

Deth Killers arrived on the Bowery earlier this week with a roar—literally. Now we've got more info on the store that opened seemingly overnight, which is stuffed to its tiny brim with asphalt-resistant denim, leather jackets, and more for the motorcycle set—or its wannabes.

Founded by Greg Minnig and Scott Campbell (the tattoo artist and Mr. Lake Bell) in 2002, their goal is to keep riders safe yet stylish with "dirty-washed" t-shirts and road gear that doesn't make you look like you're riding a bike for the first time. Check out below for more images of the store, which is open Wednesdays through Sundays.

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