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On a Scale of One to Ten, Vogue UK's Hatred of Brooklyn Is a 25

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Most of the fashion industry stopped complaining about having to travel to Brooklyn for Alexander Wang's Fashion Week show once they got there and saw how much the designer was able to accomplish with a venue like the Duggal Greenhouse. But not Vogue UK. Our sister site points out that half of the magazine's review is "devoted to traffic issues."

MEMO to Wang: travelling into the deepest depths of Brooklyn on an icy Saturday night doesn't put show-goers in the best of moods. It transpires that his show venue is so remote that it doesn't even show up on Sat Nav. And so, in a not-so-fun game of the blind leading the blind, a convoy of town cars circle streets in search of Wang autumn/winter 2014. As the cars pulled up to the elusive Ship Way Avenue, passed 9pm, more than half an hour later than scheduled, a collective this-had-better-be-worth-it rippled through Wang's particular warehouse of choice."

In case you missed it, invitations to the show were sent out with directions on how to get to the venue and a special Uber discount.

Nevertheless, the review ends: "Yes the finale of heat-activated looks that changed colour before fashion spectators' eyes, while whirling around on a conveyor belt were pretty impressive too, but by then thoughts had already turned to the snaking gridlocked queue out of here and the pilgrimage back to Manhattan."
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Duggal Greenhouse at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

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