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Where Bliss Lau Crafts Her Badass, Beyoncé -Blessed Jewelry

Welcome to Open Studio, a Racked feature where we explore the workspaces and showrooms of some of the city's most talented, up-and-coming designers.

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Bliss Lau is a name synonymous with body chains—Beyoncé wore them while rolling around in the sand in her 'Drunk in Love' video, and they've been employed by countless stylists to sex up white button-downs, or tamp down flowy dresses in magazine spreads. But lately the designer has shifted her focus to fine jewelry, making over her signature slinky styles in rose gold and sterling silver, and engineering customizable interlocking rings that fit together so seamlessly you half expect to hear a "click" when you stack them.

"After you own a couple of designs, I want you to be able to add to them," Bliss says. "Maybe next season you can afford to add a diamond band. It's not about redefining the wheel every collection—I want you to be able to live your life with the pieces and have them grow as you grow." We stopped by the jeweler's Financial District studio to see what she's been up to—from her first foray into colored stones to her explorations of negative space.

'Obscure' earrings in rose gold with diamonds and sterling silver with opals

"The concepts for my collections are continuous," Bliss says. "As a fine jeweler I try to move and grow. I’ve been playing with adding more parts to the story of the wardrobe of jewelry. Everything is based off of being kinetic.”

Fathom' ring, $1,068

"My body chains are designed to be worn as lingerie. You wear them under your clothes, or in between layers.”

"We did a collection called the ‘Spectrum’ collection that’s going to be coming out for holiday. I was really inspired by stones—colored stones are a new development for me.”

Suspension' bracelet, $1,126

Kaleidoscope rings in rose gold, sterling silver, $758

Vivid necklace, $982

Elixir earring, $588

"All of the pieces are experiential, really. The whole idea is you put it on and it transforms you into a sexier person immediately. It’s a mental state.”

Bridge ring with white diamonds, $1,037

Caveat rings; Caveat bracelet in sterling silver and rose gold, $839

Kaleidoscope ring in sterling silver with black diamonds, $2,662

"It’s an exploration of positive and negative space on your hand," Bliss says of her interlocking rings. "If you like your fingers, you can wear the smaller parts alone, and if you want to cover your fingers you can do the full set.”

Radiant pendant in sterling silver with black diamonds, $454, rose gold with white diamonds, and sterling silver with white diamonds, $588