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NYC Fashion People On The Year's Best Workouts

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Just like last year, we've tapped a handful of reputable fashion friends to weigh in on 2014's greatest hits (and misses). Today, we asked everyone how they sweated it out in the past 12 months.

Briana Swords, Swords-Smith: Running—always, always running. The Williamsburg Bridge is one of my favorite runs.

Phillip Salem, Owen: The "Eddie the Trainer" workout! He is my personal trainer that kicks my ass whenever I see him but he does keep me, and my body, in check!

Megan O'Neill, Lucky Magazine: Still loving Pilates! It really changes my body the most!

Laura Gurfein, Racked NY: After flitting about on ClassPass for the first half of the year, I discovered that if I'm going to be paying top dollar for a workout, I want it to kill me—push me to do things I won't do on my own. That's why I keep circling back to things like Barry's Bootcamp and the Burn classes at the new BFX Studio, as well as places with a friendly competition element like Throwback Fitness and Swerve.

Erica Cerulo, Of A Kind: This isn't a workout, exactly, but I'm trying ClassPass—unlimited sessions at boutique fitness studios for $99 a month—and I'm all about the options. Also: The booking and search are A+. Makes the whole squeeze-in-a-spin-class thing feel kind of doable!

Eileen Shulock, Kirna Zabete: AKTinMotion for Kirna, Tracy Anderson for Zabete. Seems we both love to dance to loud music in the morning (a.k.a. "sober clubbing")!

Jill Lindsey, Jill Lindsey: Dancing! My favorite workout is always dancing!

Kim LoCicero, Veda: Nike Training Club or the Seven-Minute Workout from the NY Times.

Claire Mazur, Of A Kind: I've been an outdoor runner for years but in 2014 I started taking classes at The Fitness Guru and I'm suddenly... a gym rat. I do spinning, boot camps, and pilates there, but I'd really try anything they put out because the staff is all pretty wonderful and their attitude towards working out is just right.

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