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Even More Scented Goodness, True Samples at Tocca

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Hopefully your nose isn't too burned out (har har har) from all the smelling at NEST's sample sale, because Tocca opens today with yet another scent-oriented event that's conveniently right around the corner in far west Chelsea. While NEST offers more in the way of selection, at Tocca the price point is similarly appealing: large candles are on offer for $20 each, while small candles are going for the ridiculously cheap price of two for $5. Factor in the additional 10% discount for paying cash and you could walk out of this sale with four candles for the price of a burrito (which means: hit up the ATM before you show up).

There are also a variety of perfumes and bath and body products. A standard-sized eau de perfum sells for $45, while sets are available for $20-$45. There is also a good selection of creams and lotions (perfect for any forthcoming polar vortices): hand creams are $5—$10 depending on size, while their crema da sogno is $10 in the box but only $5 as a tester. Though it doesn't seem like there are any body scrubs in tubs, the tubes are selling for $10 each.

While this is an undeniably beauty-oriented sale (staff confirmed that while restocking is currently uncertain, it is most likely to take place in the beauty offerings), there is also a decent array of clothing. Sizes 0—2 and 6—12 are located in the main room of the sale (i.e., the one with all the candles), while the back room is devoted to a fitting area and all the size 4's. This means that 4's have by far the biggest selections, and have the highest likelihood of emerging with true samples of gowns ($200), dresses ($125), coats ($150), and blouses ($85), among others. The coats here are especially appealing: we spotted some versatile wool options for those who appreciate the Tocca aesthetic. While everything feels well organized, because we are dealing with some true samples, that means that not all of the clothing is sized. In those cases, unmarked items will either be a 2 or a 4.

Most of the other sizes have barely a rack to their name (especially 0's and 12's). With an uncertain restocking policy, we think this might be a sale for these sizes to skip, unless you're a Tocca diehard (or in it solely for the beauty products). Also, note that Tocca has never done a price reduction during a sample sale, so there's no reason to expect one. The sale is scheduled to run through Friday at 7pm.

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