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Brooklyn Kid Slays 'Jeopardy!' While Rocking On-Point Bow Tie

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Meet Cerulean: He's an 11-year-old from Park Slope, he rocks bowties like no other, and he completely owned the first round of the Jeopardy! kids' tournament. Did we mention Cerulean's name is Cerulean?

Cerulean Ozarow, a child who will make you rethink your decision to never give birth, won the round in October, but had to keep his winnings (more than $25,000) a secret until last night, the Daily News reports. These winnings, he says, will be used not for dumb toys or whatever other, lesser 11-year-olds like: "Probably some of it I'll save until adulthood so that I can use it, if I need to," he explains in the video below, "and also it will collect interest," he adds with a casual shrug.

One of his moms, Jen Ozarow, said, "Both his moms were proud, but, mostly, we were so happy for him. It was his dream to be on the show and he did it."

Watch him win $22,000 after saying "Let's make it a true Daily Double, Alex" like it's his job, in this video:

Teach us your ways, Cerulean.

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