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Brooklyn Dad's Beard Game So Strong He Freezes It For Eternity

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Just when we thought it couldn't get any more Brooklyn than a precocious 11-year-old named Cerulean rocking a bow tie and slaying Jeopardy!, this Brooklyn dad had to bring his amazing facial hair into it. Luke Hughett, whose beard game is so strong that he created a beautifully shot, five-minute film devoted to it, is a new father whose baby daughter was all like "ow" whenever he got too close to her. So, he did what any hip, sane Brooklyn dad would do: He shaved it all off, froze it in lucite, then displayed it, shrine-like, in his home.

"Losing it feels like it would be an amputation of my soul," Hughett explains. Watch the entire, honestly-pretty-gross process of shaving and freezing Hughett's beard, as well as his daughter's amazing nonverbal disgust, in the video below.

· Brooklyn Man Becomes A Dad, Preserves Beard In Lucite [Gothamist]