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Step Inside Lululemon's New Prince Street Man-Lair

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When we first learned of Lululemon's new men's store—which for reasons unknown, is not called LululeMEN—we knew the decor would be manlier than your typical Lulu interior. And now, we can see for ourselves just how the company plans to win over dudes: with inspirational quotes, chilled beverages, a build-your-own shorts bar, and really, really spacious dressing rooms.

"We know our guest is athletic, discerning, confident, well rounded and progressive in his training and holistic views on mind-body health," Felix Del Toro, Senior Vice President and Head for Men's Design for lululemon tells us. Progressive, in this case, means fully on board with the athleisure trend—the men's division's current best-sellers include Lulu's 'Pace Breaker Short,' 'Best Coast Hoodie,' and 'ABC Pant,' all of which give off that "yeah, I work out…but I don't own a giant jar of protein powder with a name like 'SWOLE TIGER XTREME' written in flames," vibe.

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