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The J. Crew Men's Sample Sale: $25 Button-Ups, $200 Suits

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J. Crew-obsessed men will have a field day at the brand's sample sale, running now through Sunday, December 7th. Every conceivable item is featured at the retail space just north of Madison Square Park, with some noticeable gems standing out.

While a handful of price points hover near the brand's seasonal promotions (30-40% off clearance), the selection here, both in size and style, if far superior.Those best acquainted with with J Crew's entire line of merchandise will spot higher end labels like Wallace & Barnes and Thomas Mason tucked within the racks of outwear, knitwear, and button-up shirts, bearing an identical price to the more run of the mill garments. Outerwear ranges from $35 to $150, depending on the seriousness of the piece. Hoodies and fleece register at the bottom end of the spectrum, while baseball jackets and lighter pieces are marked at $60. There is a full range of overcoats, wool parkas and down coats with fur lined hoods, at $150, a fully agreeable price for an item with high frequency likely retailing at double that months ago. The outwear racks (as well as those with vests, $45, in funky seersucker and miniature houndstooth) aren't marked by size, so a bit more rummaging may be needed.

Button-up shirts span from $25 to $40, with some of those higher quality brands yielding the pricier tag. There are those that don't, but they tend to skew wackier: burnt red coloring, patterned polka dots. Again, the discerning browser will spot items like chambray shirts ($25) and recognize the greater deal.

Tees and polos are both $15, while long sleeved shirts are $20 and come in a ribbed, henley, color blocked and striped variety. Cashmere sweaters are $90, while cotton/wool and other blends are at $35. With holiday parties approaching, unironic patterned wool sweaters can be found here for a bargain.

Suits don't come in sets, but with jackets at $120 and slacks at $70, one could piece together a quality J.Crew suiting ensemble for just north of $200. Can you mix an match solid khaki, black, blue, and gray, with herringbone, velvet, and tweed? There's a lot to be had in the suiting section, though the rack of light blazers, $60, doesn't have much to offer. Unlike a typical in-store J. Crew sale, the bulk of the sizes available are middle of the road; 38 chest, 34 waist. While all garments are available in all sizes, the medium/large-wearing man will see more in his range throughout.

In the middle of the room, bins are filled with accessories. There are loads of belts, $10, and hats, $20, and less socks, $10, watch straps, $10, and bags, $45. There are also ties and pocket squares, $40, and boxers, $10, but the real bucketed attraction are the denim, $40, and Cords and Chinos, $25. There isn't a ton in each size, but the styles here are traditional enough to offer something for everyone.

Other items include desert boots, wing tips, and dress shoes for $100 and sweats and cotton shorts for $20. Associates are on hand to help, though the digging is entirely up to you. For more information including dates and times, see the Dealfeed below.—Ted Simmons

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