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A.P.C.'s Warehouse Sale: Fashion Backpacks, Leather Goods

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The A.P.C. Surplus sale ends in two days, so we stopped by a few hours before closing time yesterday to assess what's left. The remaining stock is a bit underwhelming, but there are some gems if you're patient enough to really scour the racks. Some good news: there will most likely be a final round of restocking today, although employees are unsure what will be replenished. Hopefully some more styles in smaller sizes will make their way to the sales floor, because as of yesterday the shop was pretty much cleaned out of anything below a medium.

Those hoping for more A.P.C. X Kanye collab pieces will probably have better luck shopping on the brand's website, where a wider range of styles and sizes are available at a discount.

In the women's section, we found a long fur coat at 50% off for $1065. Also spotted: a few pieces from the Vanessa Seward x A.P.C. collection, including a one-shoulder metallic dress for $325, a beige pullover for $215, and a black sweater cape for $257.50. By the front of the store, there are more pullovers, zebra-pattern tees and trousers.

Shoe-wise, there isn't a lot of variety and sizing is very limited. The women's multicolor zebra wedge sandals ($124.50) caught our eye, and had a larger size range than most styles (36, 37 and 38 were all accounted for). We also liked a pair of leather taupe booties for $169.50 but only two pairs remain in sizes 35 and 41.

For accessories, there's a tray full of belts, most of which are 70% off. Here, a woven leather belt is $51 and multicolor zebra belts are $45. All the bags are 70% off as well, including a large A.P.C. x Eastpak camouflage backpack for $111. There's also a multicolor tote for $135 and a nice backpack with brown leather trim for $165.

On the floor in front of the cashier are two small boxes with women's wool tights ($21) and another with men's briefs, which are probably the lowest ticketed items in the sale at $10.50. However, only size XXL remain.

Beside the cashier, there's a glass case housing canvas wallets ($40.50), luggage tags ($28.50), pins, art deco brooches ($58.50) and iPhone 4 and 5 python-print cases ($30).

If you're looking for quality stylish backpacks or small leather accessories, you should make a trip. Otherwise, it might not be worth your while for the clothes selection unless you show up right when they finish restocking.

The sale runs until this Wednesday and is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. See the dealfeed below for more info.—Hsini

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