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The 52nd St. Zara Contains Your Dream NYE Jumpsuits, Fur

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Sure, there are tons of awesome post-Christmas sales you can blow your holiday gift money on, but we're pretty sure none of them boast the deals—not to mention the sheer volume—of Zara's annual shebang. We scoped out the store on Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street today, one of the city's best and biggest, to get a sense of what's inside (spoiler: literally everything you need for NYE).

First, the basics: Nearly everything inside the store is on sale, hovering mostly between 20% and 50% off. Across the board, extra-smalls and larges were about twice as prevalent as smalls and mediums. And lastly, the store is impeccably well-stocked—you'll find just about everything that's on sale online here, with the added bonus of being able to try items on before buying them. Plus, if you don't see something in your size, feel free to ask a salesperson if it's available at another nearby Zara.

The newest styles are on the ground floor—coats, trousers, skirts, and tops that days ago were selling for full price. Here, skirts are $59, sweaters are $79, coats—from trenches to capes to swingy pea coats to colorful mod shapes—are between $89 and $150 (though leather and real fur varieties can go up to $229), while jeans, trousers, blouses, and structured tops are $59.

Downstairs is where you'll find the slightly older merchandise (think like, from September or October) and the TRF collection, so the prices here are significantly lower. The back wall is lined almost entirely with faux fur coats begging to be worn on NYE, ranging from $79 to $119. Dresses and skirts on this level start at just $29, jeans and trousers are $39, and tops are mostly $25.

And speaking of New Year's, both floors contain tons of rompers and jumpsuits ($39 to $79), also known as the holiday party go-to for girls who aren't into dresses. And though there weren't too many sequins to be seen, there were loads of kimonos and winter caftans for $69.

Shoes, which are littered on pretty much every available shelf, include slip-ons and ballet flats ($29), oxfords and loafers ($59 and up), sneakers ($39 to $59), stilettos ($39 to $59), booties ($59 to $99), and boots ($99 to $199), with larger sizes taking up a majority of the shelf space.

If you can swing a trip to Fifth Avenue before the New Year, know that this sale is worth braving the molasses-slow crowds that (to our surprise) continue to permeate the stretch. If not, the prices are the same online. To get a more detailed sense of what to expect, hit up the e-sale first and plan accordingly.

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