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NYC Fashion People Reveal Their Biggest Buyers' Regrets of 2014

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Just like last year, we've tapped a handful of reputable fashion friends to weigh in on 2014's greatest hits (and misses). This time: we asked everyone what they bought—or didn't buy—that's still eating them up inside.

But did I really need all three?

Megan O'Neill, Lucky Magazine: I bought this awesome looking neoprene sweatshirt with fur sleeves that I envisioned wearing with a sky blue leather skirt from Patricia Fields. It's a big, sculpted, over-the-top number—which appeals—but it feels awful on! The inside is scratchy and sort or poorly made and I haven't worn it once yet! Things have to feel good to be worth it. Especially if they're outlandish things.

Eileen Shulock, Kirna Zabete: We wish we had bought more of the precious Fendi fur monsters that now adorn all our bags. And more Mansur Gavriel bucket bags!

Caroline Ventura, BRVTVS: A pair of heels that weren't necessarily cheap and they were the most uncomfortable things to walk in. Seriously. Impossible to walk in. I bought them online and thought that maybe they just needed to be broken in, so by the time I realized they were awful I couldn't return them.

Claire Mazur, Of A Kind: I'm obsessed with Mother jeans—specifically the high-waisted looker style. They look amazing on everyone. I'm currently on the hunt for a super light wash and I can't find them *anywhere*. I know they exist and that I've seen them before, but what I don't know is why I wasn't smart enough to scoop them up at the time.

Olivia Wolfe, American Two Shot: Not buying more units of this amazing Adidas trend collection furry coat. We sold out in a few days.

Jill Lindsey, Jill Lindsey: My biggest buyer's regret was not buying enough product when I opened my store. I underestimated the need for retail in Fort Greene and quickly ran out of the Jill Lindsey brand products, (sandals, ready-to-wear, and home goods).

Erica Cerulo, Of A Kind: I really feel like I should have purchased a pair of Charlotte Stone sandals. I know that the first warm day of 2015, I'm going to regret not owning them. But I was just paralyzed with indecision: Do I need black pony hair? Copper metallic?