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No Present, No Problem: Last Minute Holiday Gifts to Shop in NYC

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Christmas Eve begins and Hanukkah ends in two days: everybody panic! Or, proceed calmly to one of our favorite New York City boutiques and browse some of their newest arrivals to give as ultra-last-minute gifts. From sailor sweaters brought over from French surf shops to rainbow fur drink koozies and very important maps of the city's best ramen bars, we've rounded up eleventh-hour presents worth ducking out of work early to pick up.

For the Recovering Hypebeast

One can only stand in line for limited-edition sneakers for so long. Once your man-friend has graduated from full-on hypebeast status, introduce him to some pieces that'll blend in nicely with his A.P.C. New Standards and the Jordans he hasn't sold on eBay—like amped-up blue suede desert boots, French surf sweaters, and understated wallets.

For the Zipcar Enthusiast

We all have a friend who counts down the days until she can rent a Zipcar, zoom upstate, and finally get to breathe, you know? Luckily the rustic, all-buffalo-plaid-everything look has faded into something a bit more minimal. Gift your nature-loving pal with a luxe wool blanket, an art-teacher-cool driftwood necklace, or a no-fuss planter.

For the Urban Mystic

She has the next Night of 1,000 Stevies marked on her calendar, starts every morning with an oil-pulling session, and wouldn't dream of moving into a new space without burning sage.

For the Tumblr Princess

If it's photo-op-ready (furry, glittery, prismatic) she's all about it.

For Anyone, Really

Subtle jewelry? Day-to-night bag? Cute wine holder (and wine)? Crucial NYC donut and ramen maps? Check, check, check, and check.

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