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Cloak & Dagger: For Your Inner Wes Anderson Character

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Welcome back to What's In Store, a Racked feature where we fill you in on what's in stock at the city's best stores right this second.

Photo: Driely S. for Racked

Indie 38 standby Cloak & Dagger recently underwent a major overhaul, rolling its Boerum Hill and East Village locations into one larger, airier East Ninth Street shop—a space owner Brookelynn Starnes describes as "a wonderland experience inspired by Buffalo '66 and Wes Anderson."

These are clothes for the girl who travels with a vintage suitcase—not a gym bag—and dabbles in making movies on a restored Super 8. Racks are stocked with silky sailor blouses, Peter Pan collar dresses that don't scream "class picture day," and faux leopard coats that would look right at home in Margot Tenenbaum's closet. We combed the pineapple-wallpapered shop to bring you some of Cloak & Dagger's best fall looks—both vintage and new.
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