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Candles, Candles, and More Candles at NEST

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If you thought you could duck into the NEST Fragrances holiday sample sale and pick up a few quick stocking stuffers, we're sorry to report that it looks like much of Manhattan had the same idea. Despite the icy rain and long trek from the subway, today's sale started with a bang, with shoppers coming in droves to stock up on smells of all kinds. Since this sale rewards bulk (standard NEST candles are $17 each, but 6 for $90), the majority of shoppers were buying multiples to take advantage of the discount. It also doesn't seem terribly likely to calm down too much—we overheard lots of buzz about people planning to come back, which makes sense because these candles are heavy!

So it may not be the calmest shopping atmosphere, but the good news is that this sale is very well-stocked. We saw staff continuously replenishing tables as supplies dwindled, and we were told that most everything has back stock. Some notable exceptions? There will be no restocking of the holiday-perfect Birchwood Pine votives (virtually everyone who smelled these reflexively exclaimed that they smell just like Christmas), the specialty holiday gift sets ($30 for a set of five Holiday and Birchwood Pine votives), or any of the three-wick candles ($25 - $29).

Also, some of the standard candles seem to be in limited supply compared to the rest. Black Fig and Honey, Beach, Mahogany, Tahiti Vanille, and the Ken Downing Exotic are all running low. There are also no standard sizes of the Birchwood Pine (unlike last year). However, the remainder of the core candle selection will continue to be brought out. If you are looking for any of the scents that are dwindling, we recommend checking the aisle by the long (sometimes looooong) line to pay. People are taking advantage of their time on line to review their hauls, and are discarding their rejects here.

While this sale is primarily about candles—specifically NEST candles—there are also other brands available, which are generally all less expensive. There are tables of Calvin Klein (we saw Smoky Wood, Leaf, Lush Vetiver, and others here), Tommy Bahama holiday scents, Link, and Nest's lower-priced line Melt, all available for $5 each. There are also 4-wick Calvin Klein Home candles for $20, Natori votives and incense sets ($25 - $35), and some Sprig bath and body products and candles ($5).

Otherwise, don't sleep on the selection of NEST's fine fragrances. Perfumes will run you $50, while rollerballs are $15. There are also a number of home scents in non-candle forms, like diffusers ($19 - $25), room sprays ($10), and a selection of lotions and soaps ($10). So long as your Secret Santa isn't allergic to perfume (and you have some patience), you will find something for virtually anyone on your gift list here. In the past, we've seen additional markdowns toward the end of the sale, but no word as to if or when that will happen this time around. The sale is scheduled to run until Thursday at 6pm.

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