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First NYC Came for Our Ferrets, Now It Wants Our Bunnies

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Photo: Instagram/<a href="">peeweebunny</a>
Photo: Instagram/peeweebunny

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As NYC officials still hem and haw over Mayor de Blasio's proposed repeal of the 1999 ferret ban, City Council has voted to prohibit the sale of bunnies within city limits. The reasoning: "Rabbits reproduce like—rabbits," Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley said during a press conference.

She has a point. The number of the little fluffballs currently in NYC shelters has doubled from 300 in 2012 to 600 in 2014. And, as Margo DeMello, president of the House Rabbit Society told Reuters, "Rabbits are sometimes disappointing especially when you buy them for your child. They're ground-dwelling and they do not want to be held and carried around by a kid." It's just unfair for something that cuddly—yet that antisocial—to exist in nature. Bunnies = the thirst trap of pets.
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