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Are You Lazy Enough For A Fitness Concierge?

Photo: SoulCycle LA
Photo: SoulCycle LA

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If you thought that our culture's widely accepted practice of paying someone to yell at you while you work out was strange, this "fitness concierge" service turns it up a notch: Today, the New York Times profiled SIN Workouts, a startup where $350 per month gets you a real, live person who will literally do anything to get you to go to the gym. No food in the fridge? They'll bring you a banana. Can't get there? Someone will send a car. No time to shower? They'll have new clothes waiting for you after your workout session.

Though we have many questions, how a business like this even came to exist in the first place is surely the most important. But one client claims that SIN has done wonders, and she's since lost 25 pounds:

Estee Gurwitz, who works at her family's commercial real estate firm, used to have a personal trainer, but sessions soon devolved into extended gossip sessions. She disliked exercise and thought that navigating the world of boutique group fitness classes "was too daunting," she said. Now, Ms. Martin accompanies Ms. Gurwitz to Barry's Bootcamp and Flywheel Sports at least three times a week, and in September even organized Ms. Gurwitz's birthday party at Barry's.

SIN also offers class bookings (they can even send someone to arrive early to claim your favorite bike), morning wake-up services, and, evidently, throwing the world's sweatiest birthday parties.

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