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Equipment, Joie, and Current/Elliott: Tons of Merch Left

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When we stopped by the Equipment, Joie, and Current/Elliott sample sale over our lunch break this afternoon, we were pleased to find a calm environment with few shoppers and tons of stock remaining. If you had told us it was the first day of the sale, we would not have been surprised: almost all of the racks were still packed with good basics from all three brands. The one category that seemed to be completely depleted was the accessories: we didn't see any of the socks, scarves, or headbands mentioned in the previous review. Beyond that, though,it seems like most everything is still available.

One thing to note about this sale is that mostly, all of the sizes are pretty small. Of the items that are not true samples, virtually everything we saw was a size P or S. That said, sizing can be inconsistent among the samples, and it's worth it to try things on if they look like they might fit.

This is particularly true in the Soft Joie section, where most things seem to be made of the softest material you've ever encountered. Here, we found a number of incredibly comfy basics, like leggings, sweats, and maxi dresses, all for $35. We were also surprised to still see some leather jackets ($200) from Joie on a rack near the register, since versatile leather pieces are almost always among the first items to sell out. We also saw a beautiful pair of grey suede leggings ($200), and those long grey sample coats have yet to sell out ($100).

You'll still find 2 long racks of Current/Elliott jeans, which primarily seem to be a size 27. These styles include not only more standard denim fare, but also corduroys and overalls, both $50. The remainder of the denim is priced at $41, $45, or $50, depending on the style. Don't sleep on the denim tops, though: there are a number of chambray shirts and lightweight jackets that will be perfect for spring and summer. In particular, we loved a dark wash denim moto jacket for $65 and some studded army-green button downs for $45.

If you're in the market for Equipment sweaters and silky tops, these are also still available in spades. We saw a bright, short-sleeved style for $50 and some office-appropriate patterned long-sleeved shirts for $42. There are also some nice blazers ($65) and those cute animal sweaters ($75) remaining.

At this point, there's still so much merchandise, it's a little overwhelming to sift through. However, we noticed many women stocking up, despite the lack of additional markdowns. Based on past experience though, markdowns should be forthcoming any day now, maybe as early as tomorrow.

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