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A.P.C.'s Surplus Sale: Dwindling Kanye Collab Items

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We stopped by the A.P.C. Surplus store late this afternoon to find something we've never witnessed at one of the brand's sales before: a line. There were about 15 dudes standing outside the West Village shop—some of whom had driven in from Long Island just for the occasion—and most were there to shop Kanye West's A.P.C. collab for half off. Which is unfortunate for them, because by the time we got inside there was a grand total of six pairs of Kanye x A.P.C. jeans ($132.50), and most were in tiny sizes (27 and 28).

There were, however, plenty of other, similar jeans for men, mostly in the $100 range. A note about pricing: all items with red stickers are 50% off, and everything else is 70% off. A quick browse of the men's section also brought up navy, shearling-trimmed wool tweed coats ($208.50), tan lace-up boots ($168), striped sweaters ($70.50), and lightweight military jackets ($127.50).

Onto the women's section! Boots are lined up closest to the door, although most styles are only available in one or two sizes. The knee-high 'Marron' boot ($216) seems to have the biggest size run, and ladies are a 40 or 41 in shoes may also have luck checking underneath the clothing racks, where there's a stash of loafers in tan and black.

There's a stack of sweaters to the left of the entrance, with lots of mediums and larges. We spotted loads of fisherman styles infused with sparkly threads, as well as more basic cream and tan pullovers ($57). Dress-wise, there are several knit options, including leopard ($102) and nautical striped ($97.50), as well as lighter chambray styles ($111) for spring. A tan suede skirt stood out, but is still pricey at $330 (down from $660).

If you don't have a winter coat yet, the women's section has plenty of options, like faux fur duffels ($256.50), and shearling-trimmed wool jackets ($195), as well as navy French schoolgirl styles.

The sale runs through December 31st, and while the staff will be restocking they don't know which items will be replenished, or when/how often said replenishing will take place. For more info, check out the dealfeed below.

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