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Meet the Cats of Meow Parlour, New York City's First Cat Cafe

Guess which one just got into the catnip; Photo: <a href="http://drielys.com">Driely S.</a> for Racked
Guess which one just got into the catnip; Photo: Driely S. for Racked

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New York City's first cat cafe is officially open! While you wait for a reservation to free up (the first available kitty-cuddling date when we checked this morning: February 17th), let's get to know Meow Parlour's starting feline barista crew. The best part (other than the whole, Manhattan now has a coffee shop where you can hang out with cats thing): all of these little fuzzballs are up for adoption through KittyKind.

Photo: Driely S. for Racked

Name: Spot
Age: One year, seven months
Bio: Spot pretty much runs this place. She would like everyone to know she is Meow Parlour's queen bee, which she accomplishes by watching you watch her, and daring you to come scratch behind her ears. Spot has a sister at Meow Parlour—Squinkles—and they'd like to be adopted together.
Likes: Sitting calmly on cushions, being admired, slow-blinking.
Dislikes: Flash photography, loud noises, not being the center of attention.

Photo: Driely S. for Racked

Name: Lucky Lemon
Age: One
Bio: LOOK AT THIS TROUBLEMAKER! When we walked in, Lucky was busy sniffing purses that had been plopped on the floor, until he found what he was looking for—catnip. He proceeded to pull it out, trip his face off, and wander around swatting at other kitties.
Likes: Getting high, picking fights, partying.
Dislikes: Turning down.

Photo: Driely S. for Racked

Name: Liza
Age: Eight months
Bio: Liza just knows how to be a cat. Pick a cozy spot in the center of the action, flop around demanding belly rubs, and watch people line up to sneak you treats.
Likes: Treats, naps, string.
Dislikes: Moving more than a few inches to play with a toy. Let playtime come to you.

Photo: Driely S. for Racked

Name: Squinkles
Age: One year, seven months
Bio: Squinkles loves her sister Spot, although she's a bit more low-key. (Think of her as the Solange to Spot's Beyonce.)
Likes: Hover beds, Spot.
Dislikes: Lucky Lemon, when he's been hitting the nip.

Photo: Ethan Covey

Name: Marty
Age: One year, four months
Bio: This guy was made for internet stardom—Marty has a Batman mask and a heart on his chest!
Likes: Hiding, pouncing, toy mice.
Dislikes: Waiting in line for the kitty water fountain. Tails will be swatted.

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Meow Parlour

46 Hester St New York, NY 10002