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Rats Aren't Condé Nast's Only One World Trade Center Problem

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Good luck getting past this, Seamless. Photo: Getty Images
Good luck getting past this, Seamless. Photo: Getty Images

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At Condé Nast's new headquarters, the struggle is real—that well-documented rat problem only the beginning of what editors at Vogue, Allure, and Glamour are facing, WWD reports. Due to the tight security at One World Trade Center, staffers are having trouble getting their regular little luxuries, like town cars pulling up in front of the building (imagine the scuffed soles that come from Louboutins touching sidewalk!). And Seamless, the lifeline for busy New Yorkers, has yet to program the new building's address into its system—so avocado toast is no longer a few clicks away.

Other quibbles include the open office layout, which translates to fewer offices for senior staff (and fewer closed door meetings), and "maudlin" office furniture, perhaps like those cold metal chairs in Anna Wintour's office upon her arrival.

However, it's not all bad news at 1WTC: The article notes that "after a few visits from pest control," the rat problem seems to be abating.

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