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The Kiki De Montparnasse Sale: Bras, Bustiers, and Boobs

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The Kiki De Montparnasse sample sale, which officially kicked off this morning, is no place for the prudish: Due to the lack of fitting rooms at the lingerie sale, shoppers were stripping down completely to try on bras and bustiers, despite the multitude of male onlookers. (Perhaps the sexy Spanish guitar background music put everyone in the mood?) Ah, sample sales.

Aside from that small quirk—and the fact that it's the brand's first sample sale not located at their Greene Street store—it was similar to previous Kiki sample sales. Prices are uniform and handily displayed on posters around the room, and while they're expensive relative to the Victoria's Secrets of the world, the discounts are huge.

Though sizes appear to run rather small (there are about two smalls and extra smalls for every medium and large), staff assures that they have larger styles stocked in a back room, so be sure to ask before leaving empty-handed.

In the front, you'll find a sexy selection of triangle bras (cotton and mesh $50; silk and lace $60) and matching underwear, thongs, and boy shorts (cotton and mesh $40; silk and lace $50).

Towards the middle, you'll find a colorful array of silk and lace body suits ($85), garter belts ($40), nighties (cotton $60; silk $140), rompers ($125), slips ($140), silk robes ($200), and corsets ($65).

There's also a small selection of cotton tees ($50, cropped $30), leggings (cotton $50; lace $60; cashmere $200), and lacy tops ($120). Though the posters advertised skirts and evening wear, we didn't spy any left.

A Racked tipster who arrived during last night's surprise open says that much of the merchandise appeared to be left over from previous sales, and that just 20% to 30% of the stock was new. "I ended up with one bra I've purchased from the brand before. Couldn't stomach the thought of dropping $70 on a bra that might fit awkwardly," she said in an email. For more information, including dates and times, see the Dealfeed below.

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