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This Is What's Going On Inside NYC's First Cat Cafe Right Now

Photos: Instagram/<a href="">meowparlour</a>
Photos: Instagram/meowparlour

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Meow Parlour—New York City's first cat café—doesn't officially open until Monday, December 15th, but kitties have already overtaken the Hester Street space. Dismayed by the fact that cat-cuddling appointments are booked solid through January 20th, we wandered over to Meow Parlour's Instagram, where co-owners Christina Ha and Emilie Legrand have just started uploading snapshots of the interior and its furry inhabitants. Look at these (adoptable!) fuzzballs, lounging around—and driving tiny Famous OTO ice cream trucks!—like they own the place. We're kinda partial to Marty with his little Batman mask, but really, they're all wonderful. A+ cats all around.
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Meow Parlour

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