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Drunk Driver Nearly Crashes Into Herald Square Forever 21

Photo: Brian Harkin for Racked
Photo: Brian Harkin for Racked

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Regardless of what you were doing last night, be glad you weren't shopping at the Herald Square Forever 21—according to the Post, a drunk driver slammed into pedestrians outside the store at about 10pm.

The driver, who had been heading west on 34th Street between Seventh Avenue and Broadway, hit an SUV, then made a U-turn and "careened" back east. While she was "weaving in and out of traffic" and even crossing the yellow line, a Toyota hit her at Sixth Avenue, causing the car to ram onto the sidewalk and crash into several pedestrians.

Though thankfully, no one sustained life-threatening injuries, seven people were taken to Bellevue Hospital, including the driver and her male passenger.

"One had blood all over their face," said the aunt of one of the victims.

"It was like the driver lost control. People were screaming, 'Look out!'," said one witness. "It happened so fast. The car flew into the crowd and hit the people. There was yelling and everyone ran to help," explained another.

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Forever 21

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