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No Discounts, but Still Some Rocco Bags at Alexander Wang

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Photo: Barneys
Photo: Barneys

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While we would love to start today's post with a photo of the diminishing-yet-still-present wall of bags at the Alexander Wang sample sale, we walked in for today's spot check (no line at lunch time!) only to be told that all cell phones had to be checked for "security reasons". That said, we are pleased to report that yes, indeed, there are still bags (even Roccos), though they seem to be going fast.

As usual, there was a steady crowd swarming the bag table (clutches are $200, small bags are $250, medium bags are $300, and large bags are $350), and most people were contemplating the Roccos and Rockies. It actually looked like all of the colorways from Monday night's preview were still there, including red, brown, pink, green, yellow, and tan. We also saw Diegos in light blue, pink, and red, Brendas in a metallic greenish color, and Donnas in nude, tan, green, pastel, and animal print. To our immense surprise, we even spotted a style or two that wasn't available Monday, including a smaller version of the Prisma tote in black (!). While they are still restocking, staff says that the bag stock was running low.

However, we got some inconsistent messages from staffers in respect to stock. When we arrived, there were no laptop cases ($75) left on the small leather goods table, and we were told they had sold out. Then, a few minutes later, a staff member brought 10 or so out. So, we suggest taking some of the staff's comments with a grain of salt. In this section, there were also still plenty of iPad cases, but the Trifold clutches were nowhere to be found.

The shoe selection (all pairs are $150) also seemed very picked over (though, as we noted in our original review, it wasn't all that impressive to begin with). Almost all of the men's shoes are gone (we only spotted two pairs), and besides the platform Mary Janes, there aren't many women's styles left.

The biggest selection remains in the women's clothing. Here, we noticed most of the styles from Monday still available, with the exception of the more classic black leather jackets and that cozy leather-sleeved sweater we loved. However, the Parental Advisory sweatshirt (which we were sure would disappear quickly) is still around, as are many other sweater and leather options. There are also still some burgundy, perforated leather dresses in the $100 clearance section.

The men's section is decidedly more anemic. Only three bins remain— which seem to have only T by Alexander Wang tees—and several of the racks have been emptied. While there are still a few coats, there are barely any blazers or sweaters remaining. Your best options here include a leather-sleeved jacket and some tees and button-downs. Otherwise, the selection is pretty minimal compared to Monday's.

We were told not to expect markdowns, and lo and behold there haven't been any so far. However, the sale runs until Saturday at 8pm, so there's still plenty of time to hope for a change of mind.

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