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A Disappointing Round Two for Helmut Lang

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Update: Everything at the sale is now an additional 25% off. Prices listed below reflect the original sale.

Maybe we should chalk it up to the fact that we only checked out Helmut Lang's Clothingline sample sale on day two. Or, maybe it's because we just made it through the busiest shopping weekend of the year. Whatever the case, today's Helmut Lang sale just didn't quite do it for us. For one, prices were high—even higher than at the too-rich-for-our-blood Chelsea Market sale in November. There, you could find shearling outwear and fur coats for $549 that retailed for $2,700. Here, $599 will buy you outerwear that was priced at $1,265, and there was no shearling to be found. From what was remaining, your best bet, deal-wise, is the small handful of short, rabbit-fur bomber jackets ($599 from $1,995).

A second group of outerwear is available for $399, and the good news is that we didn't spot any repeats from the sale several weeks ago. Here, you'll find items that retailed for $895-$1,195, including a cool leather puffer vest. Still, $399 for a vest feels pricey when previous sales had full coats available for far less.

The natural place to go to next is the bargain section, where everything is available for only $39. The catch? This area has almost exclusively the same printed Mandala and Medallion blazers that have been available at what feels like every Lang sale for the past few years. While some might be tempted by the low price point, for committed Helmut Lang sample sale shoppers, this section just felt like old news.

The remainder of the sale has a wide variety of sizes (00 - 12 were all represented), but also lacks the variety of styles available at previous sales. Basic blazers are $259, while designs with a leather front are a whopping $399 (as a comparison: full leather jackets dropped to $299 at the end of the Chelsea Market sale). Denim and other pants are available for $79 - $129, though leather trousers are still pricey at $429. A cool black and white blouse with an exposed zipper is $119, with the same print in dress form going for $249, but generally there aren't too many other eye-catching styles.

Unlike much of the merchandise, shoes here are less expensive than the previous sale, ringing in at $159. There only appears to be three styles, but there are a number of sizes and chairs available to sit in while changing your shoes. Also, this sale had an assortment of winter accessories—including five different styles of scarves—all for $79.

As for men, your selection is even smaller (as expected), and encompasses about six racks. Frankly, we wouldn't even bother showing up if we were you, unless maybe you'd like to buy some denim ($99). We didn't see any coats—leather or otherwise—though there are some windbreaker-type jackets ($129 - $299). There are also button-down shirts in a few colors available for $139, but nothing to write home about. We think this sale is a pretty solid pass for you.

Clothingline staff confirmed that they will be restocking, but are remaining mum on additional markdowns. Typically, they have them, and given the small and unenthusiastic number of shoppers at today's sale, we recommend they start dropping prices sooner rather than later. This sale runs through Wednesday at 7pm.

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