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There Have Been Alexander Wang x H&M Lines Since 7pm

The person waiting in line at one of the Soho stores is happy ... for now.
The person waiting in line at one of the Soho stores is happy ... for now.

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Quick, look at your watch—what time is it? Too late to be first in line for Alexander Wang x H&M is what time it is. We've been scoping out lines at a few stores throughout Manhattan this evening (including the Fifth Avenue location where the preview chaos went down) to see whether shoppers might have better luck at one location over another. The short version? No. No, you won't. However, you may be surprised at who we found there first.

At the Upper East Side, there was a lone guy with a red backpack leaning against the wall next to the door, who had been waiting since 8pm. There was nary a camping chair in sight—perhaps it was his first collab?

We probably couldn't say the same about the two guys waiting at the 51st Street store on Fifth Avenue, who arrived at 7:30pm prepped with chairs and heavy-duty sweatshirts. One of them told us that he was going to get stuff for "his girl." Aw. And just down the block at 48th Street, eight shoppers had already lined up while the preview was still going on.

Meanwhile, in Soho, two male friends had arrived ready to sleep on the sidewalk, Louis Vuitton duffle bag full of food and all. A woman arrived around 9pm to wait in line "strictly for the menswear" but decided to return later since crowds had yet to form.

So as far as we know, it looks like the guy's collection is going to be popular. In mere hours, check back here live reports from three H&M stores, from the lines to the ever-so-narrow 15-minute shopping windows.

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